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I’m doing this because I’ve been there. I’ve experienced several financial challenges but have learned from each one. I don’t want others to repeat my mistakes. I want to educate and empower people to properly manage their finances to prevent harassment and discrimination. This will allow you to become an educated consumer when making purchases. 
This will prevent you from taking the first offer presented to you. This will allow you the power to say “No” if a purchase or offer of credit does not sound good to you. I love helping people and want my clients to succeed. I work with a select group of clients and create a customized plan that teaches them what I learned from my past financial challenges, former client challenges and industry experience. I am providing this information to allow you to have negotiating power and control over your finances. This will provide you with more options and choices when spending money. This will allow you to become a financial role model and mentor to your family, friends, relatives and community. You will be able to change the paradigm of your family and future heirs. I am excited to work with you. Let’s start our journey today. To your financial freedom!
Financial Expert
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